Peter Klein (pK) got a guitar when he was 6 years old. That’s how it started… With his musical exposure and training beginning at such an early age, he was fortunate to be influenced by a true myriad of sound ever present in his eclectic personal writing style. This style includes elements from such diverse genres as blues, folk, classical guitar, jazz, and various rock styles, as well as the dance sounds & rhythms of jungle/drum-n-bass music. Call it what you want… mixed together, its Rock & Roll.
Aside from pK playing in various original groups in the NYC/ Philadelphia areas, he has composed music for several short films. Recording credits include original scores for the soundtracks of Hoboken Lou and Little Eath, both award winning independent films that made the NYC/LA independent film festival circuits a few years back.
These combined experiences directed pK in the endeavor to create the musical amalgam that is the Blisstique debut EP, Woo (2005). Since Woo’s release, Blisstique have officially added Light (Electro/Acoustic EP), Stereo Spirits (Full Band LP), Elemental1 (4 songs download/ Full Band) and now Ghost Head Nebula (Full Band EP) to the catalogue. Gigging has been sparse but explosive when witnessed. Blisstique has had an unrelenting heavy rhythm section and live shows have proved it. In an age where most bands fit one mold, Blisstique offers a sound that transcends typical definition. This is modern music that holds true to the original spirit of Rock and Roll and pK is thrilled to have the opportunity to showcase the musical adventure that is…

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