(hello lover…)
Afraid it’s all been said before
By now it’s all been heard
Use the same old words again
Leave no stone unturned
I’d say you really have a talent for it
You could be a master
Yeah you’ve really got a talent for it
It could be real disaster – for anybody that’s in love with you
It’s Dangerous
Playing with my heart
It’s Dangerous
Know it before you start
(you’ve been warned…)
(Feeling) Sorrow for your murdered future
Sorry too for your murdered past
Thought you had the answers
And now it’s come out at last
You were really just fakin’ it all along (fakin’ it, fakin’ it)
Doing your best no doubt but…Fakin’ it all along (fakin’ it, fakin’ it)
All a song and a dance all along all along
Never knew you wanted it
Never knew you needed it too
Never knew how much it meant
Never knew it but now you do
It’s a very big city
In a very small world
Screaming at the top of your lungs
And still not heard
(and now) (you find) Safe never is (never was, never was…)
You’ve got your date with destiny
You know that safe never is (never was, never was…)
And it’s a long time since she’s been after me you see
Chorus/ Out

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