Fight of Your Life

-You let them in
Slipped under your skin
Went straight to the heart
Didn’t even know it
-Where to begin
Never can say where something starts
Animal magnetism is a good a reason as any…
-When things went south
You caught it word of mouth
You realized to have no one to hold is depressing
-Hit another all time low
Just trying to go with the flow
Didn’t think there was lower to go
Never knew what hit you

You’re in the fight of your life
Hold on tight- it’s the fight of your life I say hold- on- tight… It’s the FOYL
Hold on tight—-
Left in the dirt
Bleeding and hurt
How do you heal a heart when you can’t see it
-Been down before
Always thought you knew the score
Always thought you would’ve seen it coming
-When that feeling died inside you
You were confused to the core
About what you’re doing here, life became a chore
-Try to find a reason
To keep moving to the seasons
Looking for answers high & low
—bridge outro
-Back on your feet
Couldn’t count the weeks
Been dazed, confused & lightheaded
-Couldn’t make it all out
So much second guessing and doubt
For once you wished it was just over
-But beyond all hope
Through your cloud of smoke (dope)
Thought you saw a light at the end of your tunnel
-A shining light that blinds you
On the road again it finds you
A familiar voice calling you home~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Or is it!!

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