A Winter’s Rage

Daylight’s fading
Temperature drops as night draws near
Freezings coming
Need someone to keep me warm this year
Clouds are rolling
Snows gonna fall, clean us all my dear
Ice is blinding
White out’s shining and I just can’t see
Been walking miles
Feet are froze, can’t get home from here
Winds are howling
Making new sounds I don’t want to hear
Everyone’s hiding
No ones hands are reaching out
All alone now
Alone in a world where silence makes loud
SOLO A (begin with Pt2 rhythm)
SOLO B (end with Pt1 rhythm and then…)
Barely moving
Hope the sun will volunteer
Fire burning
Deep inside might disappear
Wishful thinking
Still hope warmth will make everything clear
This son is rising
From a Winter’s rage that killed all my fears BREAK 3X
(then… jammm!!!)

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