Big Blue Chevy

you never thought/ of the future, no
As you rocketed/ rocketed right on down the road
When life came at you/ baby ah, don’t you know
You moved that wheel/ just like a pro
made some plans/ you even took a trip or two
Worked that day job/ baby, always did what you “had to do”
Weren’t too sure, you never have been too concerned
On how this turning world was gonna turn for you
(you) got a big blue chevy
who knows how it’s (still) running “don’t ask me” she says
Just so long as it makes it on home tonight
(you) Got a big ol’ Chevy
19 & 73 “it ain’t too pretty,
but it’s good enough for me” she says
Just so long as it brings me on home tonight
You’ve seen your friends/ seen your family too
They’ve all been talking/ talkin’ and lookin’ straight at you
Dog’s been barking/ he’s wondering if you can’t see it too
Sometimes it feels like you’re the only animal in the zoo
In all your traveling/ in all that you see and do
How much of what you’ve seen/ how much of what you see is really true
And in all that time/ you think about what’s said and done
(In the) back of that Chevy/ the times we had were so much fun
Neighbors in the front yard/ see his son and baby move
Kids are playing/ some new kind of game
Don’t think this crazy world is ever gonna be the same

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