Life’s Not Fair

Gave me a paper crown for my birthday
Told me I was king for a day
So here I stand, with my crown in my hand
Ruler of this unfamiliar land
A cloud came in, A drop of rain on my parade
Remembering sunny days I thought were here to stay
A girl walked by, With her nose in the air
The aire is that she really, really doesn’t care
Just one of those reasons (some say) Life’s not fair …………………………..X4
There’s a voice within my soul
That’s just dying to be let go
It’s in a rhyme it’s in a verse
A single note, a simple curse or a nice melody
Looking at a future that could be bright
Working this hard still doesn’t seem quite right
I lasted about as long a s I could
To try any harder I would’ve Had to been someone else
What I see /is quite concernin’…………………..
What I feel/is (a) kinda hurtin’
All I know/is I don’t know nothing But I thought I got this figured out…
People around try’n definin’…………………….
Color n fashion, Watching me laughing
What are your choices, who do you trust
Don’t ask me I don’t listen too much
Anymore I just can’t tell
If this is the promise land or is this hell
I just can’t tell
Seen it comin’ from a mile away
Writing’s on the wall
Been playin’ cards, you’ve got a hand
that you’re not ready to fold
It’s all (been) a test of my will
A test of my Self control
But still I say to this day
I’d rather lose my mind
Than lose my soul.
Chorus… out

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