Tricky Thing

I fell in love at first glance
When you spoke,your sweet music confirmed that
Little plans gave life new hope
I just smiled and tried not to choke on words
Sun streaked hair framed your perfect face
Playful eyes inviting passions grace
A touch of comfort for (such) a tired soul
A look at love’s ideal made whole
Trying to hide the disappointment in your eyes
From all the times that you’ve been set aside (passed on by)
Trying to hide from the past that you’ve locked inside
Trying to find the fire that’s still left alive
…don’t want to blow it no,
This Tricky Thing…(alt: you tricky thing)
I see a rainbow (floating) down on a beach
A vision with which sunny days can’t compete
Come give a kiss you tricky thing
As I close my eyes and embrace this dream
Got no patience for guessing who
What where or why or how to
Please let me know how much more time
gonna have to wait before I can make you mine.
Alt verse
Want to live a life somewhat less defined
Looking to find that little piece of mine
Willing to go the extra 100 miles
Just to have a chance to make you smile

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