Last Chance to Dance

I’ve been sittin’ thinkin’ I’ve made some decisions
That fly in the face of (a certain) rationality,
a call to will my reality
A call to a last chance to dance this dance of fantasy
*{last chance to dance chant} (repeat)
I’ve seen some swimmin’ against the tide
when you got to learn to go with the flow
And It seems that, you’re never running away,
someone said,
If you’ve… got someplace to go
Only a fools gonna stand around without ever making a single sound
Never taking a chance to dance ok here we go,
Don’t be too slow, on we go…
Let our spirits rumble, let the ramparts tumble
Let the gods hear our cries (pleas??)
Resisting those making messes
Those confusing us with second guesses
We stand with love in hand to try.
If chaos leads to someone’s chance then in advance I’m out
Gonna take my last chance to dance, only thing I know
(don’t be too slow)

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