Next Best

Miscellaneous feelings licked and stuck together
Pledges to uncertainty- won’t bother to decipher
All mixed up and spent she had just one more chance
She needed it (all) spelled out for her, she had run into walls of glass
O where has my little girl gone,
O where o where can she be,
She’s the mistress to my throne in this
Strange principality
Why did you go burning,
What little value(s) you have left
So quick to give in my dear and run
To your next best
O So esoteric
Looking down at all the rest
You parade your carnal narcotics
Selling what fantasy suggests
Ecstasy quicksilver
You’re grown up and I’m the child
Your perfect armour twinkles,
You’re an inferno alive
You found it funny
And the words you speak decept
Suck my sincerity dry and run
To your next best
Electricity in your eyes
How dare you blindfold me
The coldest of humanity breathes fire
Soaring thru the air
The sea that lies above
You sight your prey and your talons
Crush with lust
Apathetic eyes
I must have failed your test
For you to have so quickly run
To your next best

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