An uncertain world had come together
Like Birds of a kind like flocking feathers
Everybody was just so delighted to hear and to see me
First words you said were “I’m in a hurry”
Sounded kinda funny but now it’s kinda blurry
Everything came -a little too easy
All the right people and all the right friends couldn’t find
you happiness in the end
I like the sound of the wind blowin’
I like the sound of my wheels rollin’
Another day passin’ with my honest intentions
You know I never did get the whole story
Begging for it again, well, I’m not surprised
Watch me wind up kicking myself
Watch me Finding out – the hard way
Time will tell what you wanted to know – eventually
Constant want, the myth of satisfaction
How far can you go inside to hide
Before you came out twisted, your other side
What’s you last question…why is this so strange…
It’s because I realize this is never gonna change

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